Singapore And China Ink Agreement On Science Technology And Innovation

Professor Low Teck Seng, Director General of NRF, said: „This new agreement is a renewed commitment between Singapore and China to continue to seek ways to cooperate in scientific and technological fields of mutual interest, such as . B sustainability, the environment and urban science. „Researchers must defend the end result of academic standards. They must not do things that feed into research ethics and the public interest. When we look at the sky of science, we must stick to the noble moral law of mankind,“ Wang said. Emphasis will also be placed on cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation, in connection with broader cooperation projects between Singapore and China. Singapore and China have a history of cooperation in science, technology and innovation. Another agreement is the exchange of internships for students and graduates of Fachhochschulen and universities. Singapore offers modern services in the fields of logistics, financial services, aeronautics and information and communication technologies. He drew attention to three main directions and the first was to adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach to technology and innovation. In the field of innovation, the Singapore Science, Technology and Research Agency (A*Star) will have its first overseas outpost, A*Star Partners`Centre@SIP, to facilitate partnerships between Singapore and Chinese companies.

Singapore`s industry regulator said the introduction resulted in 12 partnership agreements that would bring together telecom companies and IDC users, including China`s three largest telecom companies – China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile – and Singapore, Singtel and StarHub, as well as local organizations such as Tencent Technology. Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology, Yidu Cloud Technology and National Cancer Centre Singapore. The NRF said the agreement will put more emphasis on translating research and development into science and technology through joint innovation and business activities. The central banks of the two countries have reached an agreement to work together on fintech innovation projects, research and regulation, while two companies from the two countries will collaborate in the field of cross-border services. MCI said in a statement that the projects of this initiative will be in areas such as digital connectivity, talent exchange and development, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. Source: A two-year agreement has been signed to prioritise patent applications in new technologies such as fintech, cybersecurity and robotics, which aims to reduce the processing time for the first steps to six months. Monday`s agreement was signed by Vice Chairman of the NRF Board of Directors Dr. Cheong Wei Yang and Director General of Most`s International Cooperation Department, Mr. Ye Dongbai. The agreement outlines new ways of establishing closer cooperation between the two Communities, for example.B. exchanging policies on advances in science, technology and innovation, interacting among scientists and increasing opportunities to test technologies with the support of each other`s government authorities, the NRF said.

The Foundation added that these efforts will build on existing cooperation between Singapore and China in the field of science and technology. Singapore discusses ASEAN partnerships to promote technology patents These challenges need to be addressed in order to seize the opportunities offered by technology. . . .

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