Special Prorate Agreement With

Dictionaries are a special database needed for the automatic calculation of the coupon value (autoprorate). As part of the service, Avisoftica manages at its own expense the reference data necessary for interline calculations: interline partners and billing conditions with them, IATA CH courses, reserves and IATA proportional factors. The Special Prorate Agreement is a special example of an interline agreement that precisely defines the allocation of fees and the invoicing of ticket fees between airlines. While a regular interline agreement is a well-understood agreement between two (or more) airlines that allow travel with a ticket, the SPA sets the conditions for financing, distributing and billing the fees paid by the passenger (or buyer) and paying the money for the ticket to only one of the airlines concerned. Unlike generalist companies, aviado team members are experts in this highly specialized field. You have unique experience and skills to help you maximize your interlining and prolation position. We are pragmatic and specialize in improving profitability in this complex area by focusing on realistic recommendations. The solution has a specific section for the phased consideration of in-depth consideration and the generation of claim invoices for Interline. LOT Polish Airlines is also negotiating codeshare agreements with other partners to facilitate travel to Southeast Asia and Australia. Rumor has it that Singapore Airlines is one of these potential partners. The implementation of interline agreements requires invoicing in accordance with the rules applicable to multilateral or bilateral agreements. This can be difficult due to the multiplicity of agreements with different airlines and regular changes to payment rules. At some point, the cost of billing and connecting the airline`s damages will increase, and the airline`s entire line of business will become inefficient.

Interline`s efficiency is also affected by delays when the airline does not receive timely revenue due to the correspondence of receivables on invoices. The conditions applicable to interline, codeshare, special proreality (SPA) agreements are developed by the airline`s commercial services and may vary for different airlines. Multilateral agreements include a detailed description of the rules of protection, the characteristics of their use for passenger tickets, baggage-on-baggage tickets and air waybills. The Interline service allows you to take into account all the conditions and automate the methods of calculating the value of the voucher. Recipes to optimize sales in the short and medium sectors are not secret, but to do them correctly, it takes experience. . . .

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