Ufcw Local 175 Collective Agreement

19.02 The employer undertakes to make available to the Union a place on the black board for a card showing the names of the catering stewards; the size of the card is mutually agreed between the employer and the union. Congratulations to the employees of The Riverine Retirement Home in Napanee who have just obtained their first collective agreement as members of UFCW Local 175. Negotiations for. View article a. An employee who has a complaint or disagreement is encouraged to discuss it immediately with his or her supervisor and, if the problem is not resolved, contact the union to file a complaint. one. The Parties agree to implement the Wilfrid Laurier University Pension Plan, which was adopted on July 1, 27, 2017 is in effect and has been revised and adapted, or how it may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors during the term of this Agreement. Any amendment to the plan during the term of this Agreement shall be subject to union approval. For the purposes of disputes arising from this Article (pension plan), the terms of the WLU pension plan shall be those described in the copy of the plan submitted to the Pension Commission. 3.10 Neither party (employers or employees) will enter into agreements inconsistent with the terms of this Collective Agreement. The employer may not enter into any agreement or contract contrary to any of the provisions of this Agreement with workers for whom the trade union has, individually or collectively, bargaining rights. one. If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the Union by the abovementioned procedure, it may be subject to arbitration, provided that it is lodged in writing within 90 days of the reply in step two (2).

Arbitrations may be renewed by mutual agreement between the parties. 22.01 The employer undertakes to provide protective equipment where it is necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the obligations. During working hours, the employer shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and health of its employees. Machinery protection devices and other devices deemed necessary to properly protect workers from injury shall be provided by the employer. It is the responsibility of all employees to wear the safety equipment provided, to follow safe work practices and to report unsafe conditions to the employer. All rights and privileges established under the health and safety laws of the Province of Ontario are part of this Agreement. The 12 members of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) North Bay obtained the new four-year agreement at a ratification meeting on November 5, 2020. Article 8.07 Advertisements Both Parties agree to maintain the Common Pay Equity Plan, as attached to this Agreement. . . .

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