Vpl Collective Agreement

This question concerns priority areas of policy and practice related to improving lifelong learning prospects and promoting social and economic progress through: Keynotes and parallel sessions indicated that VPL is already active in all lifelong learning perspectives (focusing on qualifications, function-oriented and person-centred) in the labour market and in education. The mission of the 1st VPL Biennial highlighted the following topics: The central theme of the 1st VPL Biennial focused on „The VPL`s promise as a driver of social and economic change“. It was about sharing information, knowledge, ideas and visions about VPL and the creative process of learning about each other`s successes, problems and solutions in the „VPL world“. The event aimed to tell how governments, employers, trade unions, social and voluntary organisations, schools, universities and other institutions combine VPL with qualifications, training, employability and personal development. The crucial question for the 1st VPL Biennial in this regard was how VPL can be developed and implemented as an effective method in the perspectives of lifelong learning in order to be able to integrate all citizens effectively and of assured quality into lifelong learning strategies at all levels and in all environments and contexts. More than 200 participants from different European countries, the Republic of Korea and Canada participated in the 1st VPL Biennial in the Netherlands from 9 to 11 April 2014. The mission of 1.

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